Our oldest son has been working with Sensei Patrick since the summer of 2015 and has loved learning karate from the beginning. He has gone from taking one class to two, he loves learning and practices techniques at home. He has begun to be given opportunities to lead in class and he glows when he talks about those chances. Sensei has high expectations for his students, but you can tell he cares about them and wants them to develop into good young men and women and I appreciate his dedication to and enthusiasm for his craft. Thanks for all you do!   
Kyo Freeman

We can’t say enough great things about Sensei Patrick and his program. We really like the focus on character and work ethic as well as the physicality. It has been a joy to watch our son grow and mature with Sensei’s guidance  
Jen & Chip

Both of my children started training with Sensei Patrick at age 5. He has allowed them to grow in his program at their own pace. The strength, conditioning and discipline my children have received training with Sensei Patrick has also contributed to their athletic acumen in other sports. We could not have asked for a better program. 
Lisa B. – Proud Parent of a green and brown belt

I am deeply appreciative of the character building, strength training, discipline and focus that this program is developing in my son! Sensei Patrick has just the right mix of teaching, coaching, demanding, inspiring, and leading behavior for the students in the program. My son’s abilities have grown tremendously in a wide variety of ways as a result of his training as a young warrior. THANKS!!!!  
Pam Jackson

Our 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son have really enjoyed attending Sensei Patrick’s karate classes and it was obvious from the recent belt test just how much they had learned and how proud they were with their own accomplishments. Somehow Sensei Patrick manages to make the classes serious and fun at the same time and the kids really seem to respond to this. Thank you Sensei Patrick from a proud and impressed Dad!”  

Our daughter loves your classes.  It’s been wonderful for her ever growing confidence, and we have noticed since she has taken lessons with Sensei Patrick a great improvement in her focus which has made homework time much easier this semester.   Thanks for all you do in teaching our daughter this useful and fun art form. 
Mom of a happy young warrior

Sensei Patrick has contributed greatly to both mine and my daughter’s life. He offers a fun and inviting environment which helped my daughter have more confidence in herself. Sensei Patrick also helped me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. He doesn’t allow you to give up on yourself and motivates you reach your goal. 

Best place to learn karate for your children. My daughter absolutely has gain a lot more confidence and awareness since she joined in April 2017.  Sensei Patrick is an amazing instructor, knowledgeable, patience and fierce.  I highly recommend this place for your children. 
Yvonne V.

Amazing and great program led by an inspiring master !!! My 11-year old son has been taking Karate from Sensei Patrick for six years and he loves it.  Patrick really knows how to keep it interesting for kids by mixing in traditional karate training with fun games and exercises. His classes are as much about Karate and physical fitness as they about character- and confidence building.  I can’t say enough good things about Warrior Fusion.
Rob S.

Warriors Karate has been great for our son. It’s the one activity he loves and has really stuck with. He’s been at it for four years, and our younger son will be starting classes soon. Sensei Patrick is a wonderful teacher and really good with kids. 
Paul M