Whether your goal is to improve your physical health or to become a karate master – or somewhere in between – we help you train for life. In an environment that’s rewarding and challenging, adults learn the fundamentals of traditional Shorin-ryu karate, mixed with kickboxing and kobudo (weapons) training. Students increase their fitness in mind, body, and spirit . . . but karate is not useful if it is not practical. Students will develop combat skills, build strength and confidence, and learn to apply techniques to real world, everyday situations. 



In a safe, structured, fun, environment, children and adolescents age 5 and up hone essential life skills, including discipline, focus, strength, coordination, confidence, and respect. Students learn Shorin-ryu karate, earning belts at an individualized rate of progress as they develop advanced skills in kata (forms) and kumite (sparring). Students practice various punches, kicks, blocks and strikes with instructors, and they may demonstrate their progress at a belt testing ceremony at the end of each session.



Having a plan can save your life. We know that a good self-defense course empowers participants with awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, and safety strategies, coupled with physical techniques. That’s exactly what you’ll get at a Warrior Seminar.  You don’t have to be an athlete to learn how to defend yourself. The Warrior Seminar will give you practical tools to avoid and defend against an attack.



Young Warriors Karate, teaching karate and self defense, offers half-day, week-long, action-packed karate clinics to youth ages 7 and up! All belt levels, including beginners new to karate, are welcome. Students will participate in daily, individualized karate instruction and build confidence and martial arts skills through various fun-filled, structured activities. Karate instruction will include kata, self-defense, and sparring with peers.



Karate for youth and adults is offered in Washington DC at the Hill Center.  Karate after school is offered on site at Two Rivers PCS (4th Street & Young campus), Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School, and SWS @ Goding.

All students should wear a gi (uniform) and belt (obi) during class. We do allow students to train in gi pants and a Warriors t-shirt. Uniforms can be purchased online through our warehouse.

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Students must be at least 5 years old to participate in Beginning Karate and at least 7 years old to participate in Warrior Camp.

Please contact Sensei Patrick via email or phone to discuss this possibility.

We offer self defense seminars periodically at the Hill Center, but we primarily schedule seminars upon the request of a group. You don’t have to be a formal organization. Do you have a group of friends that want to learn some self defense strategies and techniques? Contact us to find out how to schedule a seminar.


Karate is more than a sport — It’s a way of life.